MOISES NIETO presented his 2014 Spring/Summer collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFWM) called ‘LOLA’. Lola is the essence of feminity, magic, sensuality and intuition. Lola represents a mirror through which interpretates life style and fashion. Hyperfeminine silhouettes accompanied by a chromatic palette which mutates from white towards bright blue – green tones to yellow ones and intense red together with black.

Moisés Nieto preserves his commitment with craftwork. Once again, he has collaborated with Iphigenia - a spanish brand whose excellent reputation resides on the precision of design and high quality embellishments. Thus, finding a direct connection with the creative identity of the designer. For the first time, the accessories have been created by More & More, who fuse design with avant-garde craft techniques.



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DOMI GRZYBEK, is the name of a young Polish brand.  DOMI GRZYBEK – the person behind the brand – backs up her Essence’s definition on 3 core concepts: quality, individuality and a confident style;  giving answer to a need of simplicity. She believes that fashion is the means of self-expression and her heart beats for unique, never-boring designs.

“Everything I Have From My Mother” is the title of her F/W 2013-14 collection. She defines it as deeply edgy, different and a bit sophisticated, taking inspiration from the magic moments of everyday life – from child’s dreams to potatoes. A dynamic collection which captures the warmth of nostalgia while remaining cutting edge.

She has cooperated with various artists and her collections featured in many magazines in Poland and abroad such as Elle, Glamour, Instyle, Vanity Teen, Vogue.






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Holland born artist DENNIS BUSCH creates bizarre and surreal collages. His work is building itself a stairway to heaven through a channel of yesterday / today / tomorrow. Photography, Collage, Music, Sampling, Tipp-Ex, Object, Silkscreen & Poetry. It all becomes part of his way until now. His has bben influenced by artist and musicians such as Wallace Berman, James Gallagher and SBHB.

‘I don’t feel like a “real” artist. I never will become one. I’m a metaphysical bomber, a fool on the hill with a psychedelic black and white rising pyramid in my hands’.

dennis1 dennis2 dennis3

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The french artist PHILIPPE JUSFORGUES explores the portrait’s theme through different supports: photography, collage, illustration and drawing.

Collage wasn’t part of my culture and that’s why I liked it. I felt more free. I became addict with the rapidity of execution and possibility of surprise. The realism of the photography and the lightness of the drawing mixed together… I consider my images like drawings with flesh and blood. A poetic surgery…’


PhilippeJusforgues4 PhilippeJusforgues2


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Portland based photographer DELANEY ALLEN received his MFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2010. His photographs have been shown nationally and internationally, most notably at Foam Museum in Amsterdam, NL. Additionally, he has published two books, one of which was included in Photo-Eye Magazine’s “Best Of” list for 2010 (Between Here And There).

July 23, 2012: Daily Activities
Wake-up, check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Internet, go buy coffee, check Facebook, leave Facebook open in case someone wants to chat, watch the Today Show, lay on the rug, check the Internet, lay on the other rug with the cat, contemplate working, check Instagram, write a list for what I should do today, work a little, shower, go buy lunch, check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Internet, stare out the window, turn the tv back on for company, troll the porn sites, masturbate, nap, wake-up, stare out the windown, check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Internet, contemplate the gym, think, work a little, lay on the couch, get mad at myself, do some push-ups, go buy dinner, check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Internet, stare at the tv, play Boggie, wash my face, feel lonely, check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Internet, talk to the cats, think about exes, crawl into bed, masturbate, fall asleep.




Instagram photographs serie.

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Amsterdam based artist ISABELLE WENZEL studied photography and fine arts at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld in Germany and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam where she graduated in 2010. She has exhibited in group and single shows in Germany and the Netherlands. In 2010 she received a grant from Virtual Zoom for a photo project which was presented in the Virtual Museum Zuidas, Amsterdam.

She creates surreal and dynamic studies of human bodies in motion. She has never worked in an office, and she has always had the curiosity of knowing what would it be like. Human being’s motion study in small spaces such as a cubicle, corridor or a room. With this series named ‘Building Images’, Isabelle gives us her idea of an office through pretty legs.





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British label PROJECT 104  is the first swimwear brand to specialise in limited edition, individually numbered quality pieces made entirely in the UK. Sarah Reader is the head designer for this concept brand, she is spreading an unique concept based on the number 104, which is the maximum number any print can be produced in a particular style, thus each piece is individually numbered from 1-104.

Project 104 encapsulates everything Sarah is about; her past, present and what she sees for the future.





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